After recently completing their “7 Steps” training, Pastor Gary Taylor, son Sam Taylor and son-in-law Chris Funk opened Conversations Coffee Bar on May 11 in the historic district of downtown Wylie, Texas, a Dallas suburb.

In addition to a full menu of hot, iced and frozen espresso beverages and premium specialty teas, the coffee bar brings exciting things to the table, including Crimson Cup’s nitrogen infused cold brewed espresso that is poured on tap. There is also a 30-inch tall glass brewing tower that cold-brews coffee at a rate of one drop per second and produces what staff lovingly call “the smooth bourbon of coffee.” 
To learn how to open a coffee house, the trio of entrepreneurs turned to Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, which offers comprehensive training through its “7 Steps to Success” coffee franchise alternative program. Based on Crimson Cup founder Gary Ubert’s book “Seven Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry,” the program provides everything new business owners need to open and operate a successful coffee house. Crimson Cup has helped hundreds of independent coffee shops develop businesses. 
“Over the past year alone, we have helped a dozen new business owners realize their dream of running an independent coffee business,” Ubert says.
Living up to its name, Conversations Coffee Bar features several screens in the dining room that display questions and video clips of funny or amazing facts – all with the intent of giving people something to talk about with one another. 
“Conversations has gone to great lengths to make sure customers get the best coffee and tea experience available,” Gary Taylor says.
Crimson Cup teaches entrepreneurs to run successful coffee houses through its coffee franchise alternative program, which includes a coffee shop business plan. Crimson Cup coffee is available through a community of more than 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, college and universities, restaurants and food service operations across 29 states.
“Seven Steps to Success in the Specialty Coffee Industry” covers what owners need to know to run a profitable coffee house or coffee shop. This guide is based on Ubert’s experience helping hundreds of entrepreneurs in 28 states set up and operate successful businesses:

1. Choose the right location
2. Set up your space for labor-efficient service
3. Get the right products and equipment
4. Beat the coffee giants at their own game
5. Train employees for maximum productivity
6. Create a welcoming culture
7. Present a clean, attractive store