This August, French-Asian bakery café chain Lady M Confections will be launching a special gift set in honor of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. The holiday is celebrated in many East Asian communities, and in China, it’s a reunion time for families, just like Thanksgiving where families come together for celebrations and meals, the center of which is the mooncake.

Lady M is adding to its collection the Celebration of Lights Mooncake Gift Set. The gift set is designed in the shape of a Ferris wheel with each side opening up to reveal Lady M’s iconic mini mooncakes, custom designed with Kee Wah Bakery, in flavors of custard and chocolate.

The Custard Mooncake features Lady M’s creamy egg custard wrapped in a buttery and golden mooncake shell. Lady M’s Chocolate Mooncake combines silky chocolate custard with classic mooncake pastry. Each gift set includes a total of six mini mooncakes stamped with Lady M’s iconic logo and are made to be shared and enjoyed with tea.

With some travel restrictions still in play, those who celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival are looking for ways to stay connected to their Asian heritage without leaving their homes and Lady M Confections is looking to make that possible with its special gift set.