To help guests celebrate the Year of the Ox, Lady M New York has launched the Lady M 2021 Lunar New Year Gift Set, a stunning candy set made for gifting. Featuring brilliant shades of coral red, gold foil and pink, the pentagon-shaped gift opens piece by piece to reveal an assortment of confections from the new Lady M Bon Bon collection and eight custom Lady M gold and red envelopes.

The gift box includes six unique and individually packaged gummies and chocolates. Each confection was specially selected to emphasize good luck and fortune for the upcoming year. The gummies include Lucky Tangerine Gummies (in the shape of juicy tangerines) and Ox Gummies (ox-shaped strawberry gummies). Chocolate offerings include Prosperity Pink Almonds (roasted almonds dipped in dark and white chocolate), Golden Orb Puffs (puffy cereal dipped in chocolate) and Harmony Hazelnuts (roasted hazelnuts in a duet of milk and white chocolate).

Also included are Custom Lady M Lunar New Year Coins. The chocolate coins are wrapped in gold foil and stamped with the Lady M logo and a celebratory dancing ox.

Each Lady M 2021 Lunar New Year Gift Set ($72) is packaged with eight red envelopes and a custom bag ($72). The Gift Set will be available in US and Canada boutiques and online at Lady M’s website beginning Friday, January 8.