How To Cake It, a massively popular YouTube show that has expanded to selling merchandise, has announced its latest product for sale. Created by Josephine B. Gonzales, the revolutionary new stain-free spatula known as The MixerMate is designed to allow bakers to scrape the batter off the stand mixer paddles without getting their hands dirty.

The MixerMate spatula’s patented slotted design is ideal for scraping down mixer blades, while its sturdy sides can get every last drop of batter out of bowls, pans and more. The MixerMate is available for purchase for $14.99 on How To Cake It’s website, where the baking brand sells everything from live baking tutorials with world class experts, to gourmet sprinkles and must-have baking tools.

“It’s really tricky to get batters off those stand mixer blades and after 40 years of using my fingers to clean mine I had enough!” says Gonzales. “I started cutting spatulas to clean the paddle of the mixer. I probably cut about 25 to 30 of them and thought maybe other bakers could use something like this. I got to work to design and develop the first prototype.”

“The moment I saw Josie’s spatula I knew I had to have one,” says celebrity cake decorator and How To Cake It co-founder Yolanda Gampp. “I’ve been decorating cakes for over 20 years and like anyone who uses a stand mixer regularly, I know what a pain they are to clean. Now I don’t have to dive in with my hands to clean off my paddle attachments. The MixerMate scrapes down the sides of the mixer-blades (and bowls) perfectly. It’s a spatula that does double duty as a mixer-cleaner. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!”

“How To Cake It has always been as much about female empowerment, entrepreneurship and collaboration as it has been about baking,” adds Connie Contardi, How To Cake It’s co-founder and head of ecommerce, products and experience. “Helping a first-time inventor like Josie make her dreams come true while solving a problem for our community is what we love to do.”