Just in time for the NFL’s biggest game of the year, Insomnia Cookies is introducing its latest innovation, the Commercial Break Snacker Pack. This perfect complement to the game comes with a variety of sweet options to get customers through all of the plays, commercial breaks and halftime.

Available for delivery only, the pack includes:

  • 2 classic cookies
  • 2 deluxe cookies
  • 2 brownies
  • 6 mini cookies
  • 1 dipper cup of choice (choice of icing or cookie butter)
  • 1 pint of ice cream

For those looking to share some love this February, Insomnia Cookies also offers the option of sending a surprise delivery. Customers can place an order through the Insomnia app and add a message. The giftee will get a text with the delivery time, store details and special note from the gifter.