With summer almost here, Insomnia Cookies’ latest limited-time products provide the tastes of a popular dessert in a unique format.

The warm cookie delivery bakery chain’s ice cream-flavored cookies include:

  • Rocky Road – A chocolate base blended with milk chocolate chips, diced almonds, mini marshmallows and marshmallow fluff
  • Cookies ‘N’ Cream – A combination of silky vanilla ice cream, vanilla chips and crunchy broken cookie sandwich bits
  • Orange Creamsicle – A mix of creamy vanilla, white chocolate chips and citrus
  • Rocky Road Monster’wich – Smooth vanilla ice cream smashed between two chocolatey marshmallow Rocky Road cookies
  • Orange Creamsicle Cookie’wich – A vanilla ice cream and creamsicle cookie creation
  • Vegan Cookies ‘N’ Cream – Made with 100% vegan ingredients

“Summer is here, and many would agree that ice cream is the official dessert of warmer weather so it made sense for Insomnia to do what we do best and blend favorite ice cream flavors into our crave-worthy cookies,” says Tom Carusona, chief marketing officer of Insomnia Cookies. “We’re as excited as everyone else for a summer full of family and friends, and we’re confident that these ice cream-inspired cookies will be an instant favorite at barbecues, pool parties, and every celebration in between.”

From June 1-30, when customers purchase one Cookie’wich of their choice, they can get a classic Cookie’wich for only $2. CookieMagic members can buy one classic Cookie’wich and get one free in addition to other exclusive deals.