With the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, Americans will be waiting to see what each has to say about the state of the country. For those looking to show support for their favorite candidate, a bakery in Louisiana has added a sweet option.

Caluda’s King Cake in Harahan, Louisiana recently added presidential king cakes to its menu. The traditional cinnamon king cakes are decorated with patriotic colors and a chocolate coin printed with either candidate’s name. Customers decide who is the most popular candidate by purchasing a cake, and the poll’s results will be updated daily on the bakery’s website.

The patriotic king cakes hand braided with butter, vanilla, and cinnamon - the bakery’s classic and most popular flavor. The traditional baby is also included.

Customers can also choose an “undecided” option is available with decorations representing both candidates. However, undecided customers will not be eligible to win a $10 coupon toward a future purchase if their chosen candidate wins on election night.

Caluda’s pledges to donate $5 from every sale of the king cakes to Animal Rescue New Orleans, the city’s only no-kill animal shelter. “We chose this charity because red or blue, we all love animals,” says owner and chef John Caluda.