The risk of the coronavirus is prevalent in every in-person interaction we have, and that will be especially so for upcoming Halloween festivities. To help keep people safe during this time, the Halloween and Costume Association has announced new tools and resources to help families this Halloween season.

That includes a color-coded coronavirus risk level map – provided by the Harvard Global Health Institute – that details coronavirus risk level by county, across the country, as well as new Halloween Safety Guidelines for the 2020 season, in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) social distancing guidelines.

“We are on a mission to ensure the safest Halloween celebration possible this year and want to make sure families and communities have access to the best, up-to-date guidance that prioritizes community safety,” says Kevin Johnson, Halloween and Costume Association chairman and chief excitement officer at Elope. “The color-coded map developed by the Harvard Global Health Institute, along with our guidelines and additional website resources, can help ensure families find fun, yet safe ways to celebrate this season.”

“Families and policy-makers need clear and consistent information when it comes to COVID-19 risks to inform decision-making, including how to participate safely in the upcoming Halloween holiday and trick-or-treating activities associated with it,” says Dr. Ingrid Katz, infectious diseases expert and associate faculty director at the Harvard Global Health Institute. “Through our interactive COVID risk level map, we hope to provide parents a reliable source to help them celebrate the Halloween holiday in the most safe, fun way possible according to the risk level in their community.”

The Hershey Company, along with the National Retail Federation, UNICEF, Spirit, and the National Confectioners Association, has joined this initiative to promote a safe Halloween. Businesses, non-profit organizations and local communities are encouraged to sign-on as supporters to ensure clear and consistent safety guidance for Halloween-lovers across the country.

“Halloween is more important than ever this year as we navigate the new normal together and are seeking opportunities to celebrate safely,” says Chuck Raup, president, US, The Hershey Company and National Confectioners Association board member. “We’re inspired by the public-private partnerships and groups coming together that all have a shared value of celebrating Halloween safely.”