Premium chocolate manufacturer GODIVA has announced the relaunch of its iconic Gold Collection, which has been a star of the brand’s portfolio since it was founded in Belgium nearly 100 years ago. This is the first time in almost 15 years that GODIVA has redesigned this collection, which contains classic and newer chocolate pieces.

The Gold Collection has sleek new packaging featuring a single, expressive wave, representing the sensuality of chocolate. In each Gold Collection box, GODIVA fans will find an assortment of ganaches, caramels, pralines and nuts and fruits in GODIVA’s signature milk, dark and white chocolate.

Consumers have the option to choose the color of their ribbon and add a special message for birthdays, weddings, holidays or any occasion they’d like to celebrate with GODIVA. The line of gold gift boxes is available in a variety of sizes, from 2-piece to 36-piece collections. The seasonally available Gold Collections, including spring and holiday, will incorporate the new signature wave design as well, during each season of the year.

“GODIVA’s Gold Collection contains our most precious and delicious chocolate pieces, hand selected by our Chef Chocolatiers for their sublime tasting experience,” says Annie Young Scrivner, chief executive officer of GODIVA. “Our Gold Collection is recognized and beloved around the globe as a symbol of Belgian craftsmanship and the world’s finest chocolate. As GODIVA approaches our 95th anniversary, we set out to evolve the packaging of this exceptional collection to be just as breathtaking as the chocolate within and to reflect the journey we have been on since our humble beginnings in Brussels in 1926.”

The new GODIVA Gold Collection is available now for purchase nationwide in boutiques, cafés and online.