Throughout the month of September, Pinkbox Doughnuts in Las Vegas will highlight bacon-inspired doughnuts in honor of International Bacon Day, patriotic-themed treats to celebrate Labor Day and a festive doughnut for International Day of Peace.

In honor of International Bacon Day on Saturday, September 5, Pinkbox will offer two treats for bacon lovers. The “Porky” is a maple frosted raised bar topped with bacon and the “Porky Face DoughCro” is a maple frosted confection, half croissant and half doughnut, topped with bacon. 

For Labor Day, several doughnuts will be available throughout the weekend, including:

  • “American Diva”– Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and red, white and blue stars and sprinkles
  • “Blue Labor Day Ring”– Blue frosted vanilla cake topped with red, white and blue stars and sprinkles
  • “Labor Day Pooh”– Chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse and chocolate frosting with red, white and blue stars and sprinkles
  • “American Flag Ring”– Blue and white frosted raised ring with red stripes and white stars on top
  • “Labor Day’s Birthday”– White frosted raised shell filled with birthday cake filling, topped with blonde Oreos and Labor Day décor
  • “Labor Day PeeWeez”– Chocolate cake PeeWeez, glazed and rolled in red, white and blue sprinkles
  • “Labor Day Vegan Bar”– Chocolate frosted vegan bar with red, white and blue swirls on top, available exclusively at the Tropicana location

To celebrate the International Day of Peace on Monday, September 21, Pinkbox will highlight its peace-themed doughnut, a glazed raised doughnut in the shape of a “V” sign.

Pinkbox has also announced its September “Doughnut of the Month”. The “Chocolate German” will feature a glazed chocolate cake doughnut topped with German chocolate cake icing, drizzled in caramel and chocolate sauce and finished with sprinkled pralines.