The Whimsy Cookie Company has announced a new addition to its cookie lineup. Whimsy’s new gluten-free cookies look like its iconic signature sugar cookie and taste just like the original.

Over 20 versions of the recipe have been tested. The gluten-free cookies are available in all 9 Whimsy Cookie Co. locations across the United States and also for shipping nationwide.

“It was important that we offer a cookie that can be enjoyed by everyone,” says Whimsy president John Kutac. “Last year the Gluten-Free market was valued at over 9 billion dollars in the US and is only expected to go up from there. We think not only is this a value for our company, but is also something that is in demand from our guests.”

The new gluten-free cookies are created from 4 different gluten-free super fine flours in perfect balance, so they don’t taste gritty.

“We are thrilled to be adding more cookies to our stores, especially a cookie that everyone can enjoy,” says Whimsy founder Laurie Suriff. “Whimsy Cookie Company is committed to continuing to innovate and provide our fans with new yummy creations.”