On Sunday, May 31, at 4 p.m. EST, Auntie Anne’s will host a virtual pretzel-making party complete with a pretzel rolling tutorial.

The tutorial will be led by Auntie Anne’s president Heather Neary and Auntie Anne herself, founder Anne Beiler. The action will be broadcast live on Auntie Anne’s Facebook page and participants can RSVP at the event page linked to below.

To make sure fans have what they need to participate in the party, the pretzel bakery chain is offering a limited-edition do-it-yourself kit. The DIY At-Home Pretzel Kit, which can be ordered online, includes enough ingredients and directions to create ten freshly-baked pretzels.

This fun and tasty at-home activity for families during the coronavirus pandemic allows them to simply mix, twist, bake and enjoy ten Auntie Anne’s Original or Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels (or both).