The smells of bread baking is one of the fond memories that author Alice Illg Borning had living above her family’s bakeshop while she was growing up. In Reminiscences of a Baker’s Daughter, she shares some favorite recipes from the Elk’s Bakeshop of Endicott, NY, which she converted for Home Use with the expert tips from her brother.

Reminiscences are flashes of memory stimulated by one or more senses such as taste and smell. Though the author doesn’t live over the bakeshop anymore, wonderful aromas still fill her house and wonderful memories are stimulated from her life as a baker’s daughter. Now readers can experience the joy of making their own bread and cakes in the comfort of their homes through Reminiscences of a Baker’s Daughter. In this collection, Borning has modified the recipes for home kitchen convenience. Readers can opt between manual method or mixer method, depending on preference, and be guided by some of the illustrations provided.

This book starts with basic dough and gets progressively sweeter. These recipes are very versatile with endless possibilities. Aside from old world bread recipes there are recipes for cakes and tortes. From one batch of Danish Dough, five or more different pastries can be made. The Celebration Cake can also be tweaked to suit any occasion. The sensuous Chocolate Roll or Filled Chocolate Cupcakes, which can be made from the same batter, filling, and frosting, will satisfy any sweet tooth.

“My kitchen bakery lured my neighbors into sampling our products,” the author reveals. “The summer of testing recipes has become another good memory. Memories such as these create bonds of friendship and family that remain strong even after many years go by. With a single whiff or taste sample of freshly baked bread, the bond is renewed to last another lifetime through. When you try these recipes, I hope your taste memories will begin, too.”

Reminiscences of a Baker’s Daughter will be featured at the American Association of School Librarians Book Exhibit in Minneapolis, MN, on October 26 to 30, 2011.

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Reminiscences of a Baker's Daughter * by Alice Illg Borning
Favorite Recipes from the Elk’s Bake Shop of Endicott, NY Converted for Home Use
Publication Date: October 25, 2010
Trade Paperback; $19.99; 189 pages; 978-1-4535-9761-3
Trade Hardback; $29.99; 189 pages; 978-1-4535-9762-0
eBook; $9.99; 978-1-4535-9763-7