“Moving forward, we anticipate the convenience trend to impact the brownie category. While gluten-free and low-carb claims are still high on consumers’ minds, they are not causing consumers to skip the brownies. Instead it is inconvenient for busy consumers to buy a large pan of brownies that might not be easy to take and consume on the go. Consumers think it is quicker to grab a donut, muffin or even a pre-sliced cake. There’s a big opportunity for bakers to provide convenient, bite-sized brownies to capture more sales from on-the-go consumers.” – JoAnn Rupp, global market insights manager, Corbion
“We expect the brownie category to continue to move in two paths. On the one hand, brownies are becoming more premium and indulgent as decadent toppings and inclusions are added, elevating the product and making it truly irresistible. On the other, there is a clear shift toward better-for-you indulgences. From creating smaller portions with minis or thins or using lower-sugar options, these products will speak to the fast-growing, health-conscious consumer segment. Given the strong consumer insights on these two trends, Barry Callebaut continues to push its innovation strategy and initiatives in the bakery segment and beyond in order to properly supply clients with products that respond to consumer demand and allow for new, on-trend options.” – Laura Bergan, director of brand marketing, Barry Callebaut-North America
“Maybe it’s my personal preference for a classic brownie, or even a blondie, but I see the category continuing to grow, especially as consumers look to indulge in smaller portions. As people live with busy schedules and active lifestyles but still crave that homemade experience, the ability to purchase a fresh, indulgent treat made with high-quality ingredients is of growing interest. There is also a lot of room for creativity with this classic indulgence. Whether topped with your favorite icing or crumbled and used as a topping itself, brownies are a great way to add flavor experience to any moment. Finally, we know that people are celebrating holidays and special moments differently with everything from donut cakes to cookie cakes. We see the potential for brownie innovation to answer the call for differentiated alternatives for dessert and celebration cakes.” – Val Burnett, vice-president of marketing, Brill
“Over the last few years, we’ve seen trends on other bakery staple items like cupcakes, pie and macarons. I truly feel that brownies will have their moment to shine very soon as artisan bakers continue to experiment, innovate and introduce new concepts.” – David Lopez, director of marketing, BakeMark
“The brownie category will continue to see stable growth in the value and mid-tier ranges with high growth in the premium range as a convenient dessert for entertaining. The category provides bakers an essential product that customers love across demographics and one that is easily transformed to align with different seasonal moments throughout the year.” – Hugh Brooks, senior category marketing – frozen products, Dawn Foods