Gift cards are a welcome present for many during the holidays. The National Restaurant Association reports that more than 70 percent of consumers say they would like to receive a restaurant gift card from someone as a holiday present and 47 percent say they plan to give one during the holidays this year.

Your bakery can get in on this unique opportunity with its own gift cards. Not only is it a money maker for your business, but they can even double in value if guests who use them spend more than is on the card.

40 percent of consumers save their gift cards for special occasions while another 40 percent make use of them within a few weeks and 20 percent use them right away.

The Association provides five tips for selling more gift cards:

  1. Display them prominently
  2. Have employees mention them at check-out
  3. Market them on your bakery’s website, as well as in e-newsletters and social media
  4. See if other local businesses, especially ones that complement your own, will sell them at their establishments
  5. Offer a gift for each card purchase (ex. When someone buys a $100 gift card to your bakery, offer to throw in a second gift card valued at $10 or $25 for free)