Lesaffre introduces Saf-Pro Artisan Fleurage semolina and seed toppings, which provide a 2-in-1 solution for taste and aroma. Created through a patented process, these ingredients deliver a unique flavor that enhance any bread. Bakers can start with a single dough to create a wide range of unique tasting products.

Artisan Fleurage solutions are a result of a combination of flavors derived from fermentation (yeast extracts) used to coat semolina and seeds.

During a recent demo for Lesaffre, Pierre Zimmermann, Master Baker and owner of La Fournette in Chicago, demonstrated how to use Fleurage as a flavor enhancer for such products as twisted baguettes and fougasse.

Fleurage is a topping ingredient to spread on the surface of shaped dough. It is made of durum wheat semolina and yeast extract. Using Fleurage as a topping, the baker does not need to produce several batches of dough to have a wide range of tasty breads.

“Twisted baguettes are easy to shape. You can twist it and bake it right away,” Zimmermann said. “It is helpful to be front of your customers when you make these breads because it gives them an interesting show.”

Zimmermann shared a convenient and simple method of producing artisan breads that your customers can watch you bake and enjoy inside your cafe with ease. “We make fougasse every day in Chicago,” he said. “It’s a bread that bakes very quickly and doesn’t require years of shaping experience like a baguette.”

Fougasse is the French version of focaccia and is distinguished by diagonal cuts in the middle, which resemble a wheat stalk. This bread can be flavored with Fleurage, or any other spices your customers might enjoy.