In India, Cadbury released a “Unity Bar” for the country’s Independence Day on August 15. The bar is a way to celebrate diversity, using four different types of chocolate in one bar.

The Unity Bar features six squares each of four types of chocolate: white, milk, blended, and dark. A full-page ad for the chocolate bar was printed in the August 15 edition of The Economic Times, an English-language, Indian daily newspaper headquartered in Mumbai, India.

In English, the ad reads, ““We are all different. You, me, we, us, humanity — a rainbow of brown, a giant bouquet of mother tongues, a churning confluence of cultures. It is these very differences that make us the same. All of us equal. All of us beautiful. All of us, together under one sky.”

Finally, the ad concludes with, “Sweet things happen when we unite.”

Cadbury quickly sold out of the limited-edition bar, but hinted that it may be available again in the future.