Nestlé Toll House recently unveiled an exciting new product based on the popular unicorn trend. Unicorn Morsels are pink and blue swirled vanilla morsels that can be added to a variety of desserts, including cookies, brownies, and more.

To promote its Unicorn Morsels, the company teamed up with Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi for a whimsical treat that incorporates the new baking inclusion. Tosi developed a recipe called Unicorn Birthday Fudge that showcases the creative ways bakers can incorporate color and personality into any baked good.

“I’m all about bringing color, texture, and depth of flavor into a recipe, and these new Nestlé Toll House Unicorn Morsels deliver all three in one tie-dyed package,” says Tosi. “Whether I am dressing up an old classic – I'm looking at you, plain-Jane brownies – or exploring something new, these colorful chips are a fun tool to channel my inner 8-year-old, or to have a great time baking alongside one!”

The recipe was debuted at an event in New York City on Wednesday, August 7 that was co-hosted by Nestlé Toll House and Christina Tosi. Guests were offered an exclusive opportunity to sample Unicorn Morsels and Edible Cookie Dough. They could also explore the versatile and innovative ways to enjoy the new offerings by designing their own DIY dessert boards.

“No place sparks creativity in the home quite like the kitchen,” says Ruth Braden, Associate Marketing Manager of Nestlé Toll House. “As a brand, we’re constantly exploring ways to innovate new baking products, like Unicorn Morsels, that will inspire bakers of all skill levels to pour their personality and passion into their creations.”