At Dominique Ansel Bakery’s SoHo (NYC) location, the best summer fruits are being showcased. From Monday, July 22 through Sunday, July 28, the bakery will feature eleven unique fresh fruit tarts with summer fruits sourced from all over the world.

Each pastry ($8) highlights a particular seasonal fruit. The selection effectively turns Dominique Ansel’s pastry case into a summer fresh fruit market.

The full menu includes:

  • Peach Pie Donut Peach Tart – Sliced Peach Pie Donut Peaches (flat-shaped peaches with juicy fragrant flavor and smaller pits) with red peach jam and honey thyme ganache
  • Harry’s Berries Strawberry and Anise Tart – Harry’s Berries strawberries (Southern California) on top of homemade strawberry jam and anise mascarpone ganache
  • Champagne Mango Tart – Honey-sweet Champagne mango (a variety from Mexico with a floral honey flavor and almost no fibrous texture), mango jam, and Madagascar vanilla ganache
  • Rosé Raspberry and Basil Tart – Rosé raspberries (grown in Watsonville, California and available only three months of the year), raspberry jam, and basil ganache
  • Black Mission Fig and Shiso Tart – Fresh sliced Black mission figs (first grown in the U.S. when missionaries planted them in San Diego in the late 18th Century), homemade fig jam, and shisho ganache
  • Maradol Papaya Lime Tart – Maradol papayas (a fragrant ripe melon flavor and soft tender texture) from Central Mexico, lime ganache, and lime jam
  • Rambutan Tart – Fresh rambutan (juicy flesh and sweet floral notes) native to Southeast Asia, lychee ganache, and lime zest
  • Fresh Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate Tart – Valrhona milk chocolate ganache with fresh passion fruit native to South America
  • Kingsburg Orchard Red Pluot and Maple Brown Sugar Tart – Sliced red pluots (a hybrid stone fruit mixing both plums and apricots) from Kingsburg Orchards in California and maple brown sugar ganache
  • Golden Pineapple and Guava Tart – Golden pineapples from Costa Rica with a hint of lime zest, fromage blanc chantilly, and tropical guava jam
  • Blackberry and Earl Grey Tart – Hand-picked blackberries and Earl Grey tea-infused ganache

The collection, known as Summer Marché, will also be available at Dominique Ansel’s bakeries in Los Angeles (July 29-Aug 4) and London (Aug 2-4) following the week in New York City.