Dasher & Crank is a favorite stop for ice cream lovers in the Miami area. With ice cream made in-house with local and premium ingredients and inventive flavors that are released each week, the shop constantly surprises and satisfies guests.

Local bakery Zak the Baker collaborates with Dasher & Crank on some of its flavors. For instance, the shop’s Avocado Toast flavor feature lightly toasted Zak the Baker sourdough and an avocado swirl. Another popular flavor is the Zak the Baker Babka N Cream. It takes a sweet cream base and mixes it with babka chunks, a ‘babka fudge’ ripple, and walnuts.

The Zak the Baker Babka N Cream flavor is available at Dasher & Crank’s pop-up shop at Gansevoort Meatpacking in New York City. The ice cream shop decided to bring its flavors to New York City for the first time this summer, available there until Labor Day.

“Zak has served as a mentor to me from before Dasher & Crank’s inception and in many ways inspired me to launch this business,” says Dasher & Crank founder Daniel Levine. “So when I was deciding which flavors to bring up to the Gansevoort, I knew I had to bring one other Miami company with me and Zak was the natural choice. We’ve done a number of flavors with Zak over the years, but I decided to bring the Babka N Cream flavor because it walks that fine line between familiar and approachable, yet different and novel.”