In the wake of the recession, college students have been faced with a dismal job market upon graduation, forcing many to resort to menial jobs that often have no relevancy to their educational background. This has led to the increased popularity of vocational schools in Los Angeles, due to their ability to facilitate rapid and valuable training for high paying specialized fields. At Los Angeles's Coast Career Institute, students are able to enlist in programs that lead to real and lucrative careers in a variety of fields, including cake decorating.

The Cake Decorating program is specially designed to provide students with the training and skills they need to achieve success in the creative and rewarding field of cake baking and decorating. Coursework is primarily hands-on and teaches students how to bake, decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and make stunning displays using a multitude of materials such as fresh flowers and rolled fondant. Upon completion of the Floral Arrangement program at the Coast Career college in Los Angeles, students are able to apply their skills in a variety of employment settings, including bakeries, catering jobs, and freelance cake decorating work. An especially attractive aspect of this program is that students often take what they learned and use those skills to open up their very own bakery or cake decorating business. Clients for this type of work are typically weddings and parties, and the work itself is very rewarding, making the cake decorating program perfect for creative, passionate individuals.

Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Coast Career Institute is accessible from all reaches of the LA metropolitan area, and the campus's intimate learning atmosphere is ideal for making new friends and acquaintances. Aside from the Cake Decorating program, the Coast Career trade school in Los Angeles also provides Floral Arrangement, Private Security Guard, Solar Installation, Medical Office Assistant, Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Optical Dispensing Technician career programs.

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