The French Culinary Institute of New York and California announced Emily Luchetti and David Kinch as the two newest deans of The French Culinary Institute.

"We are delighted to welcome Emily Luchetti and David Kinch into our distinguished circle of deans. With their keen focus on the West Coast culinary culture, unique and dynamic skills, dedication to fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Emily and David will undoubtedly complement and enhance the experience for our students and alumni," says Dorothy Cann Hamilton, founder and CEO of The International Culinary Center, home of The French Culinary Institute and Italian Culinary Academy. "Their unique leadership and presence will further reinforce the FCI's philosophy, mission and purpose."

Luchetti and Kinch join The International Culinary Center's esteemed group of six other highly respected deans, including Jacques Pepin, Alain Sailhac, Andre Soltner, Jacques Torres, Alan Richman and Cesare Casella. As deans, both will serve as ambassadors for the New York, California and Parma campuses, with an emphasis on the California campus due to proximity and philosophy. In addition, they will provide guidance on curriculum, host demonstrations and participate in student juries and finals, providing key guidance to students before graduation.

To honor the two newest deans, one pastry scholarship and one culinary scholarship, named in honor of the new deans, will be awarded to students enrolled in June classes. Moreover, a June Classic Pastry Arts class in California has been named in Luchetti's honor and a June Classic Culinary Arts class in California has been named in Kinch's honor.

The Emily Luchetti Classic Pastry Arts Class will learn important skills, such as pate a choux, wedding cakes, puff pastry and sugar pulling and will also receive an exclusive session with Emily Luchetti. In as little as six months, the hands-on Total Immersion(SM) method of teaching in this accredited program builds on fundamental skills and reinforces the basics throughout. By graduation, students will command the skills to take charge in the finest commercial kitchens, the confidence to open businesses or accept a position in a top pastry hot spot.

The David Kinch Classic Culinary Arts Class will take students from basic knife skills through every station on the line in as little as six months. The program's hands-on Total Immersion(SM) teaching method provides students with skills, confidence and real-world knowledge that can be applied in any field of the culinary industry. As a special feature, students enrolling in the June David Kinch Classic Culinary Arts Class will receive an exclusive trip to Love Apple Farm led by David Kinch.