Candace Nelson, the founder of popular cupcake bakery chain Sprinkles Cupcakes, is teaming up with Bingo Blitz, the #1 bingo app, for its newest feature.

Blitzy’s Bakery is a limited-time virtual bakery where players can create up to 39 different bakery items using ingredients they collect by playing Bingo. When players make virtual sweet treats, they can win Bingo Blitz Credits. An animated avatar of Candace Nelson appears throughout the feature.

“I’m so excited Bingo Blitz has baked up this delicious new feature,” says Candace Nelson. “I’m thrilled to be a part of it and share some of my tastiest recipes.”

Dishes are separated into categories, including pastries, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, cakes, and pies, and a final ‘Candace’s Sweets’ category. Each category features a special chef’s dish that Candace Nelson created specifically for the virtual bakery, with the last category being made up entirely of her own recipes.

“We at Bingo Blitz are beyond thrilled to have Candace Nelson on board with launching Blitzy’s Bakery,” says Roee Azulay, Head of Marketing. “Candace is the undisputed queen of cupcakes and her charming and infectious energy will be sure to bring Bingo Blitz players flocking to the new bakery. We look forward to opening the doors and giving our players so many delectable treats, along with a fun and colorful game experience.”