Spring is here, and with that comes a host of new products as retailers prepare for the coming Easter celebration. Dunkin’ is turning an iconic Easter flavor into treats that will satisfy donut and coffee lovers.

Through a partnership with Just Born Quality Confections, Dunkin’ is bringing Marshmallow Peeps to a new donut and flavored coffee. Customers can get these limited-time products starting Monday, April 1.

The Peeps Donut features white icing, a special green and egg-shaped sprinkle blend, and a mini yellow Peeps Marshmallow Chick on top. The Peeps Marshmallow Flavored Coffee brings the marshmallow taste of Peeps to Dunkin’s hot and iced coffee, espresso drinks, frozen coffee, and frozen chocolate.

To promote the new partnership, Peeps and Dunkin’ are hitting the road together. On April 2-4, a Dunkin’ custom-sculpted coffee car will travel alongside the Peepsmobile, starting from the hometown of Peeps in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and going to Dunkin’s birthplace of Quincy, Massachusetts.

Along the route, both cars will stop at a total of six Dunkin’ restaurants and will give the first 250 guests at each location a free small Peeps Marshmallow Flavored Iced Coffee, Peeps Donut, and other special surprises.

In addition to the Peeps-flavored menu items, Dunkin’ is introducing other seasonal treats on April 1:

  • Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew – Dunkin’s Cold Brew now features the classic combo of chocolate and cherry
  • Iced Tea Lemonade and Frozen Lemonade – Made with real lemon juice
  • Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich – This new sandwich features egg, American cheese, and four strips of sweet Sriracha bacon, all served on a croissant