As more consumers seek out and request artificial-dye free and plant-based foods at the grocery store and restaurants, ColorKitchen announces it is now consulting with pastry chefs and other artisan food producers to incorporate plant-based, artificial dye-free colors into their desserts.

The company that manufactures colorful plant-based alternatives to traditional artificial food dyes and sprinkles, as well as gluten-free cake mixes, is expanding into food color consulting after receiving numerous calls from chefs from small to midsize bakeries, ice cream and donut shops, as well as the cannabis industry, who have been seeking the company’s colors and sprinkles in bulk for commercial use.

“We have found that bakeries, restaurants, ice cream and donut shops have a need to find natural baking ingredients to meet the demand of their customers who are choosing to go dye-free and gluten-free, either out of choice or because of food allergies or intolerances,” says ColorKitchen’s founder Ashley Phelps. “Additionally, bakers see natural color as a new art form and want us to work with them to create a specific color formula to achieve the perfect hues for their recipes. It’s really exciting to open their eyes to all these new possibilities.” 

Shoppers expect more from the brands and businesses they choose to support, according to a trends report from Whole Foods Market. Environmental stewardship and animal welfare will continue to be important. Of note, brands are focusing on female-led farming cooperatives, consumers will look to support women-owned businesses, and female chefs are getting a spotlight in many different resources.

ColorKitchen’s food colors and sprinkles are made with natural and simple plant-based ingredients like turmeric, spirulina, beets, and annatto. In the process of making the dyes, flavors and textures are removed from the plant ingredients, leaving pure color behind. The company also recently introduced a dye-free, heat stable deep red velvet food color that won’t fade when it goes into the oven. ColorKitchen offers a full line of plant-based coloring options, ranging from food colors and party packets to decorative sprinkles.

The range of color choices allows bakers to use the dye packets or combine them to create colors of their choice. These easy-to-use food colorings come in a powder form for an extended shelf-life and ease of storage and shipping.