Bite-sized cupcake bakery Baked by Melissa is getting in the spirit of the NFL’s biggest game of the year with cupcakes representing both teams.

The Halftime Show cupcake collection features 50 cupcakes, half representing the Los Angeles Rams and half representing the New England Patriots. The Los Angeles cupcakes feature chocolate cake, marshmallow stuffing, and blue vanilla icing, while the New England cupcakes feature vanilla cake, cookie dough stuffing, and blue vanilla icing.

Both cupcake flavors are available separately as team-themed collections. Additionally, customers can get the Sunday Funday collection for the Big Game. It features both teams’ 25-packs, as well as two 25-packs of the Latest & Greatest collection which includes the Mini of the Month, three seasonal flavors, and eight Original Greats.

Baked by Melissa also has cupcake flavors available for Valentine’s Day, including Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Red Velvet, Strawberry, and Vanilla Creme:

  • Milk Chocolate cupcake - filled with chocolate pudding, topped with chocolate icing, and decorated with heart sprinkles and chocolate chips
  • Dark Chocolate - chocolate cake stuffed with dark chocolate ganache and topped with pink and red icing 
  • White Chocolate - filled with white chocolate ganache
  • Red Velvet - topped with cream cheese and a heart-shaped sprinkle
  • Strawberry - topped with strawberry icing and strawberry streusel
  • Vanilla Creme - stuffed with Bavarian crème