Pinterest continues to be one of the most popular platforms for users to find ideas on a wide variety of topics. Over 250 million people around the world use it to get information on everything from beauty to weddings.

Based on the upward trajectory of searches, Pinterest can determine what topics are trending. The company has released a report on what is standing out and will have an impact in the coming year.

One of the major topics discussed is food. The world of food is constantly changing, so it’s important for those in the industry to keep an eye on what consumers are looking for. According to Pinterest, that means healthy, sustainable meals with unusual ingredients.

Here are some of the trending food searches right now:

  • Mushrooms – Searches for mushroom recipes are up 64 percent.
  • Ginger – Searches for ginger water are up 353 percent.
  • Oat Milk – Searches for oat milk are up 186 percent.
  • Bread – Searches for baking bread are up 413 percent from last year.
  • Pegan – A combination of paleo and vegan, this diet’s searches are up 337 percent.
  • Grazing – Family-style grazing tables are in, with searches up 163 percent.
  • Foil-packed dinner recipes – Searches for foil pack dinners are up 759 percent.
  • Oxtail – Searches for oxtail recipes are up 209 percent.
  • Jam – Searches for homemade jams in a variety of flavors are up 829 percent.
  • Chayote – A versatile gourd that complements all kinds of cuisines, its searches are up 76 percent.

Pinterest’s trends report also covers travel, health and wellness, beauty, hobbies, celebrations, home, styles, and parenting. These trends will undoubtedly shape several industries in 2019 and beyond.