Our friends at Food Business News recently reported on food ideas that are being shared for the holiday season on the social networking platform Pinterest. Among those trending idea are items like breakfast casseroles and Mexican hot chocolate.

This widely successful website has become an important outlet for content sharing, supplying people worldwide with ideas and inspiration. It has also become a valuable resource for determining what foods and beverages are trending among Americans.

“We reach one in two U.S. millennials. We know that millennials in general are disruptors and are reshaping the way we think about food and the way we buy food. A lot of what we see on Pinterest are very unique, nascent trends, especially with food and drink, which is our No. 1 category on the platform. With the holidays specifically, there’s actually a mix of tradition and new, interesting trends,” says Stephanie Kumar, head of category insights at Pinterest.

Some of those seasonal items include Mexican hot chocolate (which features the flavors of cinnamon and chili powder), crinkle cookies, cranberry and white chocolate-infused snacks, and foods/beverages inspired by the holiday classic character The Grinch.

“People are saving 9,000 ideas every day related to Christmas snacks,” says Kumar. “This also aligns with what we see with millennials wanting things that are easy but unique conversation starters.”

Pinterest has become a hot topic in the baking community, with many lamenting the effect it has had on the way they deal with customers, who have been given unrealistic expectations when it comes to ordering items like cakes. At the same time, bakeries may be able to use Pinterest to their advantage, learning about consumer interests and studying what holiday foods and beverages are on potential customers’ minds.

You can read about these and other trending topics on Pinterest at the original article on Food Business News.