The nation’s leading wedding resource, The Knot is looked to for inspiration on every aspect of couples’ wedding days. A big part of that is the food, as trends continue to evolve over time.

For the coming year, The Knot predicts that eats with a twist will be popular. Think pairings that are unconventional and Instagrammable, such as root beer floats in champagne flutes or mac and cheese spoons topped with fresh lobster.

These surprising twists will delight wedding guests. That especially goes for desserts. We saw donuts become a big part of receptions in 2018, and that trend will extend to a different baked good in 2019 as cinnamon rolls take center stage.

Speaking of desserts, wedding cakes will remain popular – but they will evolve in appearance. Couples are hiring pro cake bakers to create unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers that effectively turn cakes into art installations. Many cakes will feature stunning designs rich in color and texture.

The Knot shares many more wedding trends for 2019, which can be found in this press release. Over the course of their entire wedding celebrations, couples will incorporate details that show off their personalities and love stories in bold ways.

“Today’s weddings are all about creating an event to remember—for both the couple and their guests. From the wedding cake to the late-night eats, the invitations and the escort cards, there are dozens of opportunities to personalize the details and create unforgettable experiences,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor in chief of The Knot. “Our team is dedicated to helping couples plan their wedding every step of the way. We can’t wait for 2019 weddings and all the thoughtful ingredients each couple will infuse into their celebration.”