Image courtesy of Addie Juell
On Tuesday, January 16, The Knot released its annual Wedding Trends report for the top trends of 2018. The nation’s leading wedding resource looks at some of the most noteworthy inspirations for couples’ celebrations in the coming year.

The report covers such general topics as overall wedding theme, entertainment, venue, and much more. Dessert is a big part of most wedding receptions, which is why its trends for the year are also a big part of the report.

“Personalization has made its way into every aspect of weddings, as couples proudly show their unique personalities and styles throughout the food, entertainment, escort cards, and florals,” says Kristen Maxwell Cooper, editor in chief of The Knot.

One way personalization will affect dessert is through hand-painted confections. According to The Knot, white wedding cakes are an ideal canvas for personalization through hand-painting. This creates unique designs that can’t be achieved through other decorating techniques.

Another big trend for weddings this year is to prepare bite-sized pieces to be passed out to guests during the reception, as opposed to them waiting at a table or picking it up from a dessert station. Often during receptions, guests are already on the dance floor by the time the cake is cut, leading to less cake being eaten. This issue can be resolved by bringing it directly to them in a smaller format.

Flavor, as always, is important with dessert. The flavors that are expected to be big in 2018 include cookies and cream, Funfetti, and exotic pairings like bourbon and mocha. These will combine with the frostings and fillings for delightful combinations.