AIB International, the technology and information transfer center for bakers and food processors, has announced that Vice President of Baking and Food Technical Services Brian Strouts is retiring after nearly three decades with the organization.
“Brian’s leadership has been key to the success of the baking industry and our business,” says Andre Biane, AIB International’s President and CEO. “I sincerely want to thank Brian for his loyalty to AIB International and I wish him all the best in his retirement.”  
Strouts was hired by AIB International to head up Research and Technical Services in 1991. Since then, he’s led a team of food and baking scientists to help AIB International’s clients problem solve, evaluate product quality, develop new products, and train technical staff in bakeries. He was promoted to the vice president role in 2013. 
BrianStroutsIn partnership with the American Bakers Association, Kansas State University, and others, Strouts also spearheaded the development of several Baking Process Kill Step Calculators. This groundbreaking initiative not only helped bakeries meet new regulatory requirements in the U.S., it has so far saved the industry millions of dollars and the effort required to scientifically validate the kill step on their own.  
”Working at AIB International has allowed me to experience the world of baking, traveling to every state in the United States and 20 countries globally,” Strouts says. “Working with bakers around the world has been a privilege and a continuous learning experience.” 
Valerie Olson, Senior Director, Bakery Consulting and Food Labeling for AIB International will fill the void left by Strouts' departure in order to lead AIB International’s baking initiatives in North America and Latin America.