Lady M Confections, known for its elegant, handmade multi-layered crêpes cakes and other gourmet desserts, has announced the release of several new flavors for the months of November and December.

Available during the months of November and December, these intricate cakes capture the holiday spirit in their look and taste. Among the new flavors are:

  • Marron Mille Crêpes – 20 thin layers of handmade crepes and chestnut-flavored pastry cream placed between each layer, topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar
  • Flan aux Pomme – A dessert with a shortbread crust with hints of almond flavor, seasonal sautéed apples that are tucked within a silky, vanilla bean flan and topped with a golden brûléed surface
  • Gateau au Chocolate – Alternating layers of dark chocolate sponge cake, and crushed walnuts folded into a velvety chocolate mousse that’s then topped with a dark chocolate ganache and sprinkles of gold dust
  • Red Velvet – A three-layer dessert alternating between cocoa-rich sponge cake and frosting made from fresh whipped cream and cream cheese tucked between each layer
  • Black Forest – A holiday cake with layers of silky dark sponge cake, brandied cherries, and whipped cream

Lady M’s cake boutiques in California, New York City, Boston, and Chicago will offer the holiday desserts. The multi-layered crêpes cakes have gained Lady M a reputation all around the world, as it has opened boutiques in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau.