BakeSense Whipped Topping  (4/9 LB)
BakeQwik Sugar Cookies   (175/2.2  OZ)
Westco California Lemon Cream Filling  (1/38 LB)


Make Up

Line a greased or sprayed fluted tart pan with thawed frozen BakeQwik Sugar Cookie dough or prepared short dough. Dock the dough.


Bake until golden brown in a 325-360°F oven.


Fill the tart shell with Westco California Lemon Cream Filling. Using a large pastry bag with a large French tip cover the entire tart with whipped up BakeSense Non Dairy Whipped Topping. Garnish with curled lemon rind and lemon zest.

Approx. Yield: 1 tart


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark