Milk, 35.27oz
Butter, 1.764oz
Sugar, 17.64oz
Vanilla beans, 1 each
Pastry flour, 8.82oz
Eggs, 1.764oz
Yolks, 4.23oz
Rum, 5.29oz


Day One

Wilt butter, set aside. Bring milk and 25% of sugar to a boil over medium low heat. Sift remaining sugar and flour into a mixer with a whisk attachment. Don’t turn on yet. Combine rum and vanilla. Set aside. Whisk together eggs and yolks in a medium stainless bowl. Temper hot milk into the eggs/yolk mixture. Strain mixture through a chinoise.  Place sifted pastry flour and sugar in a mixing bowl with a whisk attachment. Mix on low speed and add 25% of the heated milk mixture to form a smooth paste. Add another 25% of the milk and continue mixing on medium speed for 2 minutes. Gradually add the remaining milk until all combined and mix for an additional 2 minutes on low speed. Strain batter into storable container and allow to sit at room temperature for 1 hour prior to adding vanilla/rum mixture.   Refrigerate overnight.

Day Two

Pre-heat oven to 350°F. Either line inside of molds with bees wax or a heavy dose of pan spray. Using a hand whisk, stir batter together and immediately begin pouring batter into molds. Fill 70% of the way up. Set timer for 29 minutes, and place in oven at 340°F. Turn tray and reset timer for additional 29 minutes.   Pop canele out of molds immediately. Allow to cool and serve!


Copper molds are recommended. Aluminum would be second option. Silicone third.


Formulation courtesy of Marius Pop, Nuvrei