Lady Ellen Gluten Free WG AP Flour  (1/50 LB)

Westco Vanilla Bourbon Concentrate  (1/GAL)

BakeSense Sodium Bicarbonate  (1/50 LB)

C'est Vivant Semisweet Chocolate Chips  (1/30 LB)



Mix 3 LB 2 oz. softened unsalted butter, 1 LB 6 oz. light brown sugar, 2 LB 3 oz. granulated sugar and 1/2 oz. Westco Vanilla Bourbon Concentrate for 30 seconds on low speed, then 3 minutes on medium speed.

Add 1.25 LB whole eggs. Mix 2 minutes on medium speed.

Add 5 LB Lady Ellen Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, 2 oz. BakeSense Baking Soda and 2 oz. salt. Mix for 1 minute on low speed.

Add 2 LB of C’est Vivant Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. Mix on low speed until blended.

Let the dough rest for 15 minutes.

Make Up

Scoop dough depending on desired cookie size and deposit on pan leaving enough space for spreading during baking.


Bake at 340°F in a convection oven for approx. 10-12 minutes or until the edges begin to brown. Immediately remove from oven and let the cookies cool down before removing from pan. 

Approx. Yield: 244 – 1.0 oz. cookies


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark