Westco Ultra Rich Creme Cake Mix  (1/50 LB)

Westco Spice Pumpkin Pie  (1/1 LB)

BakeSense Spice Cinnamon Ground  (1/10 LB)

BakeSense Premium Salad Oil  (1/35 LB)

C'est Vivant Semisweet Chocolate Chips  (1/30 LB)

BakeSense Canned Pumpkin  (6/10 LB)



Scale 9 LB 2 oz. Westco Ultra Rich Crème Cake Mix, 2 ¼ LB BakeSense Premium Salad Oil, 10 oz. pastry flour, 14 oz. whole eggs, ¾ oz. Westco Pumpkin Pie Spice, 1 ¼ oz. BakeSense Ground Cinnamon and 3 ¾ LB BakeSense Canned Pumpkin. Mix these ingredients together on low speed until smooth.

Add 1 ½ LB C’est Vivant Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips*. Mix until incorporated. Do not over mix.

*Note: chopped walnuts, pecans or BakeSense Raisins Seedless Select can be substituted for the chocolate chips.


Deposit 2 oz. of cookie dough onto a paper lined baking pan using a #20 yellow ice cream scoop.


Bake at 340-365° for 15-20 minutes.

Approx. Yield: 148 – 2 oz. cookies


Formulation courtesy of BakeMark