Sponge Bakers % Grams
Flour, Bread 70 36.60
Yeast (compressed) 2 1.05
Yeast Food (no oxidants) .5 .26
Water 42 21.99


Dough Bakers % Grams
Flour, Bread 30 15.71
Granulated Sugar 7 3.66
Whole Egg Powder 3 1.57
Nonfat Dry Milk 3 1.57
Salt 2 1.05
Calcium Propionate 0.125 .07
GMS 90 0.25 .13
Honey (18.6% Water) 10 5.24
Butter, Unsalted 5 2.62
Water Variable (18.0) 8.45




Mix the sponge ingredients for one minute at speed one.

Mix again for one minute at speed two.

Desired temperature of the sponge after mixing is 79°F ± 1°F.

Allow the sponge to ferment for three hours at 84°F in a covered container.


Place the dough ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix for 30 seconds at speed one.

Add the sponge and mix for 30 seconds on speed one.

Mix the dough at speed two to optimum gluten development.

Desired dough temperature is 79°F± 1°F.

Allow the fully mixed dough to rest for 10 minutes at 84°F in a covered container.

Arrange dough pieces 4×4 in eight-inch square foil pans, or 6×8 in half-sheet pans.

Proof 40-55 minutes at 110°F with an 81.5% relative humidity.

Bake for 15 minutes at 400°F.

Formula courtesy the National Honey Board