Ingredients Bakers % Total % (Grams)
Flour, Cookie 100 46.4
Sugar, Granulation Sucrose 5 2.3
Honey 15 7.0
Milk, Nonfat Dry 2 0.9
Salt 2 0.9
Sodium Bicarbonate 1.5 0.7
Sodium Aluminum Phosphate 2 0.9
Shortening (Plastic, Emulsified) 26 12
Water 52 24.1
Cinnamon Particulates 10 4.6



Dry blend for two minutes on low speed. Add shortening in two-inch cubes while mixing for one minute on low speed. Mix again for two minute at speed two. Add water and scrape the dry mix from the bottom of the bowl. Mix one minute at speed one, add cinnamon particulates and mix for 30 seconds.



Roll dough into a uniform sheet 3/8-inch thick.Fold dough in half and turn 90°F. Roll dough to a uniform sheet using 5/8-inch guide. Cut out biscuits with three inch diameter cookie cutter and place on a paper-lined single sheet pan.


17 minutes at 430°F


Formula courtesy of the National Honey Board