Bizcocho Mix 1/50 lb

Granulated Sugar 1/50lb

Powdered Sugar 10x 1/50 lb

All Purpose Shortening 1/50 lb

Prepare Crunchy Sugar

Prior to starting this recipe, you need to make crunchy sugar. Crunchy Sugar Recipe: Mix 5 lbs. of BakeSense Granulated Sugar and 2-3 oz. of bread flour together until well incorporated. Then sprinkle lightly with water and rub until all the sugar is damp. Let it dry overnight until it becomes hard then break it gently by hand or a rolling pin until small crumbles are formed. 

Scale and Round Dough

Scale and mix the dough following the directions on a bag of our Trigal Dorado Bizcocho Mix. Add 1/4 ounce of Mortajada Cinnamon to each pound of mix used. Dough temperature should be 80ºF. Rest for 15 minutes. Scale into 3 ounce pieces, and round. Place the rounded pieces on a baking sheet.

Apply Pasta

To prepare the pasta, using a paddle, mix together 4 lbs. of BakeSense Granulated Sugar, 4 lbs. of Westco Powdered Sugar 10X and 8 lbs. of BakeSense All Purpose Shortening for 1 minute in low speed. Scrape down well and mix for 3 minutes in high speed. Then, add 5 lbs. of pastry flour and 5 lbs. of bread flour, and scrape the bowl well again. Mix for 1 minute in low speed. Color the pasta yellow. Apply shortening to each dough ball, apply the pasta.

Apply Crunchy Sugar and Finish

Press the dough ball onto the crunchy sugar and place it on a lined baking sheet pan. Proof to 3/4 size, then bake (345ºF in a rack oven for 15-20 minutes; 360ºF in a reel oven for 20 minutes) until light golden in color.


Recipe courtesy of BakeMark