When it comes to Father's Day, most people stick to the old standby: sporting gear or a tie. But Rebecca Bosque of BosCakes in Norton, MA, is on a mission to turn Father's Day into a "cake" holiday. Father's Day cakes can take a cue from the increasing popularity of groom's cakes, because they can focus on the personality and interests of the dads. Bosque sees this as an opportunity to showcase her sculpted cake skills. "People should know dad would enjoy the deay even more if he gets to eat a really cool fish cake after receiving all his fishing gear!" Bosque says.

Although she only opened her shop this year, Bosque is already thinking strategically on running promotions for custom cakes. For Father's Day, she is offering a free dozen brownies or blondies with a custom Father's Day cake order. "Any customer loves free stuff. Simple as that," she says. She also thinks about people who might be at a Father's Day celebration and who might not eat cake. But if there's another delicious choice from her bakery, then the word-of-mouth marketing is set in motion when they see a spectacular cake and taste other treats.

Bosque started her Father's Day promotion early, and is looking forward to interesting cake orders. So far she's had a few racing- and fishing-themed cake orders, but nothing too "out there" as of yet. But if groom's cakes are any indication, it's only a matter of time before the orders get more detailed and personal. So remember that a groom's cake today could have potential to be a Father's Day cake in the near future.

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