Cake designs from decorators in Iowa, Ohio and New Jersey reflect trends in personalization and creativity...notice how many "cake toppers" are simply a piece of the cake.


Delicious Desserts, New Hartford, IA

Decorator Michelle Church used a rubber stamp to press this bride and groom image, creating a contemporary twist on a traditional cake topper.






On this cake, the flowers and monogram are made from a fondant/gumpaste combination, and the letters are a fondant that was extruded through a clay gun and formed on the plaque.






While the butterflies are gumpaste on this cake, the decorative piping was actually done freehand.







Celene's Cuisine, Cleveland, OH

Flowers are a common theme for these cakes by Lydia Carter. Two of the cakes have real flowers, per the brides' requests, while the third is sugar art.



All You Need is Cake, Long Branch, NJ

The theme atop these cakes by owner Judy Celeste is wordplay: These fondant sculptures atop buttercream cakes represent "a perfect pair" and "two peas in a pod."