Brill Chocolate Light N Fluffy

Brill 9” baked heart  choc. Chip cookie

Brill Black icing

Brill Extra smooth

Brill Brilliant Orange

Plastic graduation cap and diploma


Pipe a weave of chocolate buttercream icing using a # 104 rose tip following the pattern in the picture almost like a triangle shape.

Pipe the wings using a large leaf tip.

Pipe the frame of the eyes using a #22 star tip with the chocolate buttercream icing.

Pipe the feet  and the beak with the orange icing  using a #10 plain tip.

Pipe the eyes with the white buttercream using a #10 plain tip and the black icing using a #5 plain tip.

Place the diploma on his beak and the grad cap on his head.

Decorating tip courtesy of CSM Bakery Solutions