In an industry leading initiative, local Panera Bread franchisee, Breads of the World, is pleased to announce that it will be placing new menu boards in all 48 bakery-cafes throughout central and southwest Ohio. The menu labeling effort is part of Panera's long-standing commitment to be the first national concept to voluntarily post calorie information on their menu boards by the close of 2010. The updated menu boards will display the calorie count alongside the correlating menu item and will be available in the greater Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton markets on September 15.

A benefit of the new initiative includes helping consumers make better-informed choices. An example of this is Panera Bread's heightened awareness of the ingredients in menu items such as the Tuna Sandwich; which has had its calories and fat content cut in half thanks to a new and improved recipe. More attention is also being given to items such as Panera's Chicken Soup, which now boasts significantly reduced sodium.

"Including calorie information on all of our menu boards is another way Panera Bread can be transparent about the high quality food we make," says Jeff Rains, President, Breads of the World, LLC. "Being an integral part of the movement in the U.S. to eat healthier sets Panera Bread apart as a leader in the industry. Our hope is that central and southwest Ohio consumers appreciate the new menu panels and feel more informed as they make choices on what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner."

Full product descriptions will be available to all Panera Bread guests in hand-held menus near the door of each bakery-cafe and at the cash register counter. For more information about Panera Bread and the menu offerings and nutritional information visit

Breads of the World, LLC, Panera Bread's local franchise, operates 48 bakery-cafes in the Columbus, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton–metro areas. With its identity rooted in handcrafted, freshbaked, artisan bread, Panera Bread is committed to providing great tasting, quality food that people can trust. At the close of each day, Panera Bread bakery-cafes donate bread and baked goods to community organizations serving those in need. For more information on the franchise, including bakery-cafe locations, visit