When it comes to new designs, decorators continually have to think outside the box. But Kelly Nagy decided to do just the opposite. She started thinking inside the cupcake and created a totally unique product.

Nagy is the owner of Sugar Mamma's, a cupcakery and cafe in Kansas City, MO. When she entertained the idea of opening a bakery, she wanted to do something different. So when she attended a trade show and saw a demo of giant cupcakes, and her wheels started turning.

First of all, her everyday cupcakes aren't typical. In the case, you'll find "jumbo" cupcakes that are about the size of a muffin. Flavors include decadence such as "Addicted to Love"(featured at left) -- chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, topped with chocolate buttercream and finished witha chocolate-covered strawberry. Customers can also order regular or mini size cupcakes, but they are by special-order only.  

And speaking of special...Nagy really put the icing on the cupcake with her custom "message cupcake." It's about the size of a dodge ball, and it contains a special surprise center. Nagy prepares this 5-inch cupcake with a small compartment inside that contains a gift or message of the customer's choosing--anything from cash, to jewelry, to notes or photos. And the best part? No one knows it's there. "It's a total surprise," Nagy says. "Nobody would know until they get to it." Nagy says she enjoys seeing what fun suprises customers come up with to put in the compartment. "I think it's fun that customers can get to be creative, as well," she says.

Nagy says the idea for the compartment was somewhat of an epiphony. "It just hit me," she says.