Thanks to shows like Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, these individual treats are maintaining their position at center stage. In fact, named cupcakes at the top of their Top 10 Dessert Trends for 2011.

The beauty of cupcakes is that you can merchandise them as individual treats or package them together for larger orders. And cupcake towers for events like wedding reception is changing the perception of cupcakes altogether. Ticklebelly Desserts in Denver, CO is on-trend with upscale cupcakes by offering upscale versions of this classic treat, including dipped cupcakes—cupcakes that are dipped in chocolate instead of iced—that decorators can easily bedazzle by touching up with sprinkles or extra piping.

Ticklebelly is also upscaling cupcakes by coming up with exciting new flavor profiles such as green tea and lemon meringue. “We’re taking a step up from the common cupcake and getting more users to relate to the value proposition of our cupcakes,” says Brian McGuire, president of Ticklebelly Desserts.