Many were familiar with the original sugary chocolatey cake, but here comes The Whoopie, an easy-to-hold, richly flavored, three-bite-size all-natural indulgence that joins the ranks of high end luxuries made available to the general public. Co-owners Alan Mons and Julie Ganong have opened Chococoa Baking Company at 38 Washington Street in Newburyport, MA and are introducing The Whoopie to wild acclaim.

The Whoopie collection is sold year round, with seasonal flavor featured at the Chococoa Baking Company bakery-cafe, retailers, caterers and online. The Classic Whoopies, chocolate with vanilla cream filling are available year round, along with chocolate/espresso cream, chocolate/raspberry and chocolate/peppermint. Fall/Winter brings Pumpkin with a Ginger Cream Cheese filling and Spring/Summer features Lemon Cake with a Lemon Cream Cheese filling.

"Traditionally, whoopie pies are big handfuls of sugar made with ordinary chocolate and a shortening or marshmallow filling," explains Chococoa Baking Company's co-owner and baker, Alan Mons. "We believe the whoopie pie needed at makeover, hence, The Whoopie. It is made with high quality, natural and organic ingredients. We use our own blend of three premium chocolates, local free-range eggs, and fresh organic butter. Our customers are passionate about the difference."

Julie Ganong, the bakery-cafe's co-owner, is a Maine native who grew up eating whoopie pies made by her grandmother and mom. "Whoopie pies bring back fond childhood memories, especially for New Englanders," Ganong says. "Now people across the country are loving whoopie pies. The New York Times Dining Section recently reported that whoopie pies have surpassed cupcakes as the new dessert of choice."

For 2010, Epicurious named the mini-whoopie its top dessert trend.

Chococoa Baking Company's creation, The Whoopie, is a dessert for those with mature tastes, who appreciate fine deep chocolate with exquisite fillings, not too sweet. It is the extreme attention to detail, hand mixing, testing and development with high quality ingredients that make The Whoopie the finest in "eat-ability."

The Whoopie is now the luxurious food gift to give and receive. The Whoopie is the haute couture of the dessert world.

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