From a small shop on eclectic Greenville Avenue in Dallas, local entrepreneur and community activist Roshi Muns is bringing the popular cupcake trend to a whole new level by blending the flavors of her award winning baked goods and turning them into an updated version of the classic Amish dessert "whoopie pies." Her first "hybrid" creation is Bread Pudding Whoopie Pie, to be followed later this summer by Pecan Praline and S'Mores flavored Whoopies, which The New York Times once described as a cake-like sandwich.

Visit any Amish market bakery, and alongside the tasty loaves of home made breads, there is sure to be a display of whoopie pies for sale, a tradition which began more than 70 years ago among the local communities. Muns, an energetic single mother, began Society Bakery in 2003, and soon her cakes, cookies, dessert bars and cupcakes became the talk of Dallas. Described by The Dallas Observer as a "native institution" and chosen by The Ellen DeGeneres Show as offering The Top Ten Cupcakes in America, lines form early for Roshi Muns' cinnamon rolls still warm from the oven. Her birthday and special occasion cakes have been commissioned by everyone from the Dallas Cowboys to Steven Tyler to New Kids on the Block and even to a local tv station when Oprah Winfrey dropped by. Dallas Child Magazine has three times awarded Society Bakery with their "Best of Dallas" designation.

Muns was a life-long foodie who decided several years ago that making profits would not be the only reason she opened her little shop. "I wanted to be a success, but I also wanted to share my profits with the Dallas community," she explained. In 2009, Muns donated goods to over 85 non-profit organizations from children's charities to shelters for homeless families to fundraisers to help local schools. Her generosity became so well known in Dallas that in 2010 Muns opened a second location inside Dallas Medical City Hospital. The instant success of this location resulted in a significant share of the first profits donated to events including "Medical City Goes Pink," to benefit Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

One of Roshi Muns many grateful local organizations is Resounding Harmony which reaches out to help raise money for charity through their concerts including one at the Dallas Meyerson and one at New York Carnegie Hall. Marketing Director Jan Harrell described the group's relationship with Society Bakery this way, "We came to Society Bakery last January as we were putting together sponsors for our Sing for the Cure Concert in May. As we laid out our hopes and dreams for making this concert season a huge success, we saw the owner's eyes light up! Roshi stood ready to marshal her bakers to fill our several requests for help. Every concert we give benefits a worthy cause, and raising money for breast cancer research was a perfect fit for the always philanthropic Society Bakery. They helped us make each special pre-event for Sing for the Cure very special. Everyone raved about the cakes and confections. I am happy to report many, many converts to Society Bakery's confections. It's a bakery with a big heart!"

"I am always looking for new ways to reinvent Society Bakery, by offering new and delicious baked goods, while still making sure our success never diminishes our reputation for quality and excellent customer service," Muns said. With 18 varieties of moist and delicious cupcakes, Muns has begun offering some of those flavors as cakeballs as well as whoopie pies, including the already popular Bread Pudding Whoopie Pie. Some new flavors include the Pecan Praline Whoopie (also available in Gluten Free) and the S'Mores Whoopie. As her success has grown, Muns can now prepare and ship anywhere in the United States.

For more information on Society Bakery, visit their website or call 214.714.5731.