1. Make flowers at least one day in advance of step 2.

  • Make two batches of stiff consistency royal icing. Color one batch with Sunset Orange Premium Gel color and the other batch with Red Red Premium Gel color. You can also mix the orange and pink together to make variations in color.
  • Cut a small square of parchment paper and use them on a rose nail so that the flowers can be removed easily and placed on a baking sheet.
  • Use a #104 rose tip to make the roses and the blossoms.

2. Ice the cake in white frosting and apply the royal icing flowers in a wreath with a dab of frosting.

3. Mix 2 batches of green frosting using Leaf Green Premium Gel colors, making one dark and one light green batch.

4. With a small offset spatula, brush both shades of green upward from the bottom of the cake to create a painterly grass effect.

5. Using the darker shade of green and a #352S tip pipe leaves around the wreath of flowers.

6. Attach the Dec-Ons® decorations with dabs of frosting and use melted chocolate or black colored frosting using a #2 tip to create the bee movements.

7. Ice cupcakes in dark green using a #32 Star tip.

8. Place a premade royal icing flower atop each iced cupcake. Attach a Dec-Ons® decoration atop the flowers with a dab of icing.

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Decorating tip courtesy of Lucks