1. Ice and cover the cake in Ivory Vanilla fondant.

2. Apply the turkey design from the Autumn Variety Pack Edible Image® set to the top of the cake. TIP: Use clear, potable alcohol to airbrush the top of the cake. This will allow the image to adhere without compromising the fondant’s finish.

3. Mix three shades of burnt orange fondant by mixing DecoPac Sunset Orange Premium Gel into ivory fondant. Add a small portion of Dark Chocolate fondant to deepen the hue. TIP: Begin with the deepest shade, and add increasing amounts of ivory fondant to achieve the two lighter tones.

4. Roll out chocolate fondant and use the Plain Tear Drop Cutter Set to cut approximately 22-25 teardrop shapes. Use the same cutter to separate the rounded end of each chocolate teardrop, as shown.

5. Attach stylized chocolate feathers with water, alcohol or shortening around the sides of the cake.

6. Roll out the deepest shade of orange fondant and use the same teardrop cutter used for the chocolate feathers to cut four orange feathers. Cut a notch in the lower portion of each orange feather, then adhere to the top corners as shown.

7. Use the two smallest leaf cutters from the Flower and Leaf Cutter Set to cut 16 small teardrop shapes (8 in each of the remaining two fondant shades). Attach one of each size/color to either side of the large orange feathers.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

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