Image courtesy of Freed's Bakery
Las Vegas’ Freed’s Bakery has become well known for its hit television series on Food Network. Vegas Cakes follows the acclaimed bakery as it creates some truly remarkable desserts.

Freed’s Bakery is going a little smaller with its creations this week in honor of another television sensation. The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week takes place from July 22-29, and Freed’s is honoring these fascinating (and terrifying) creatures with limited-time items.

Throughout the week, Freed’s is offering shark cupcakes that feature vanilla cake topped with cream cheese frosting and fondant shark fins, and are filled with “red blood” (a.k.a. strawberry puree).

The Shark Week promotion is the second year for Freed’s Bakery. It’s a great way for the bakery to showcase its signature cake in a different and fun format.